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Showmode Production Group is your strategic resource for worldwide corporate events and production.

It is a company built on leadership, trust, integrity and responsibility through long term relationships. Clients consistently remark our crews are the best they’ve ever worked with.

We provide clients with show management and design, technical direction, and media solutions.

Our decades of experience have resulted in collaborative relationships with incredibly talented and creative individuals. They are the best designers, engineers, editors and cinematographer/DP’s in the business.

They understand perspective, style, motion, emotion.

They understand light, color, texture.

They have an intimate understanding of music.

They see and understand the little things.

They uncover the mystery in the obvious.

They possess passion.

Bob Wager, chief inspiration officer

As a 14 year old boy living in Nairobi, Kenya in the 1970’s, Bob’s life was forever changed through the discovery of other cultures and the animal world. He attended an international school located deep inside a coffee plantation. He developed a keen interest in the flora and fauna of the Great Rift Valley and became one of the youngest members of the East Africa Natural History Society.

Returning to the United States two years later his interests in music and photography took root. Upon completion of a BA in Communications he began his career as an animation camera operator and AVL multi-image programmer at an award winning creative services company in Seattle. In 1991 he started Showmode Productions to provide superior show management and media design services to corporate clients.

Bob now resides in “The City Beautiful” Coral Gables, Florida where, in his spare time, he pursues his passion for photography and enjoys discovering deserted white sand beach hideaways.

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